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Red Sun brand entered the US West Coast market 20 years ago, starting out as a bubble tea ingredient supplier, and today, it is now the primary supplier of all essential ingredients equipment, and packaging, for restaurants, bubble tea, and coffee shops. With two decades since its establishment, Red Sun has consistently upheld a commitment to excellent material quality and a people-centered business philosophy, placing customer satisfaction at the forefront. Throughout this extensive journey, the dedication to superior material quality has remained one of Red Sun's most vital pledges.

Carrying International Food Corp.(CIF), established in 2016, is dedicated to introducing the Red Sun brand to the international market, allowing more people to delve into the culture of pearl milk tea. Simultaneously, it highlights the continuous pursuit of excellence in quality within Taiwan's food industry. Over the past 7 years, CIF has successfully extended the reach of the Red Sun brand to every corner of the globe. This achievement is truly remarkable.

Red Sun

CIF's aspirations extend beyond being solely a bubble tea supplier. We are actively collaborating with food research and development teams to introduce innovative products in the future. This endeavor serves as a driving force for our continuous dedication to creating distinctive value for Taiwan. We deeply understand that quality packaging design plays a crucial role in the successful promotion of products. Therefore, our commitment is aimed at capturing consumer attention through the exhibition of high-quality and innovative packaging design.

Carrying International Food is also committed to broadening the global presence of Red Sun-We achieve this by consistently enhancing our business development, elevating product quality, and delivering exceptional customer service. Our unwavering commitment is certain to touch lives and illuminate experiences across borders and cultures.

About Us

Corporate Values


1. Passion:

At Red Sun, passion fuels our every endeavor. We believe that true dedication and enthusiasm are the driving forces behind innovation and success. Our team is committed to infusing every aspect of our work with unwavering passion, ensuring that we continuously strive for excellence.

2. Integrity:

Integrity is the cornerstone of our values. We adhere to the highest ethical standards in all our interactions, be it with customers, partners, or employees. Trust and transparency are the hallmarks of our relationships, and we take pride in conducting business with unwavering honesty.

3. Certified:

Quality is not just a goal; it's a promise. Red Sun is dedicated to delivering the highest standard of products and services. Our commitment to quality is certified through rigorous processes, ensuring that every customer receives products that meet and exceed their expectations.

4. Knowledge:

Expertise and knowledge are the cornerstones of our success. We continuously invest in learning and development to stay at the forefront of our industry. This commitment to expertise empowers us to provide our customers with the most up-to-date solutions and insights, enhancing their experience with Red Sun.

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Meet Bob, CIF's lovable mascot—a witty tapioca pearl. He's all about learning, exploring, and sharing knowledge. Plus, Bob has a sweet tooth for bubble tea, sugary drinks, and scrumptious Taiwanese cuisine.

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